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Powerful beings that influence all things within Ard Al-Mi'ad and the connected planes. Although the definition of Gods can be fluid, they are immortal beings of immense power and purpose. Several beings qualify as deity, depending upon your point of view.

The Three

Major Gods

  • Kâzon is known as the Trickster God and the Evening Star
  • Sheer Gur Khan, god of the Rakshasa
  • The fae, particularly The Crones
  • Torag rule of Toragrûn

Intermediate Gods

  • Let is a largely unknown deity that used to be a part of the fae, before coming into her own power and allying with Kâzon
  • Fae Queens

Minor Gods or Gods of Unknown Significance

  • Fae Ladies
  • Helmut claims to be “god of this world” when speaking of Ard Al-Mi'ad and is a being of power
  • Apep would fain claim it, as leader of the Dragons, and has attempted to lay claim to having had a hand in the creation of humanoidanity as servitor races.
  • Bast as goddess of the Tabaxi
  • Anubis as goddess of the Nubians
  • The Elven Pantheon, as worshipped by the Sadiki and spurned by the Mokattam
  • Cheebix was given status as a god by the Blood God, as the king and sire of the goblins
  • The Blood God is an older deity, worshiped by some of the Orcs
  • The Ur-Kal-Dûhn are known as The Wandering Gods

In addition there is evidence of powerful demons at play in the area, most notably Atlach-Natcha

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