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The three sun gods of Sha-El, Ada-El, and Koh-El shared the skies and pronounced blessings upon the earth in equal measure, ensuring rains came when needed and the crops had a bounteous harvest. During the long nights, Kâzon, the evening star, would watch over their domain and the earth, providing a benevolent night’s watch to help weary travelers find their way home to the stars. It was seen as the greatest of blessings to die at night, as if you were favored of the gods. A pitcher of water was poured out as an offering of life itself to the gods, symbolic of giving the most they had to offer to the gods.

Upon the coming of the UKD, Koh-El fled and it was said that he went to Kâzon for protection, while his brothers Sha-El and Ada-El reined fire and death upon the UKD, terrible tempests, and earthquakes to dislodge them, but the UKD cared not. The priesthood of the Ra-Elm-Dûhn were thrown down and their gods called impotent. Some still remember the old ways and believe yet, but their numbers are few. Kâzon became no longer known as the evening star, but the trickster or the evil eye, for he did not aid the Ra-Elm-Dûhn. Koh-El became known as “He who was lost” and now shortened to “Kol.” Things that are lost are sometimes referred to as “with kol” when they cannot be found. Sha-El is currently known as “Sel” and Ada-el is called “Adl”, the name of the two remaining suns. Their original names and true history are lost to antiquity except for the few with ancient memories.

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