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A major god under The Three that rules a domain known as Toragrûn, or Land of Torag. He resides in a moon that is pole locked with the realm upon which his land exists, in a status of tube flux. The gravitational force pulling the two heavenly bodies together is repelled by their magnetic poles in a balanced equilibrium, causing the two bodies to share atmosphere, and appearing to sit upon a mountain made of air, truly a mountain that no mortal could climb.

Torag is a major deity, meaning that he is a direct offspring of The Three and wields immense power within his domain and otherwise. He is god of blacksmiths, creator of the dwarves, gnomes, and hobbits, and endlessly seeks the perfection found in creation, and can forge unusual things at his furnaces, not merely things made of metal. He seeks to raise the next generation of divine smithing talent and has a select group of individuals working for him known as foregemasters, who can forge items through magic and their will to create masterpieces, that surpass mortal understanding in all ways. To achieve the rank of forgemaster, you must create a certain number of unique works that are stored within the vault known as Edelsteingewöble, or the gem vault, which is in Torag's abode. No immortal can enter the domain except Torag wills it.

There are several ranks of apprenticeship within the complex system that Torag has established, that require several decades of apprenticeship at each level to rise to the next. Each forgemaster earns divine rank and a unique talent that allows them to create special things, and must each, in turn, seek to rise the next generation of talent.

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