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A former avatar of Koh-El, one of The Three principle gods of the realm, he was defeated by a band of humanoid adventurers in a large battle outside of the Sobek. He had an ability, that was rumored have been provided by Kâzon and Let that granted him true immortality with a twist. When his physical body was destroyed, he was able to transfer his consciousness to a nearby host, completely overwrite that host, devouring their soul, and taking control of the new body (no chance to save vs. the effect). Although his physical host was destroyed a few times, no one tested the limits and bounds of this power.

During his brief stint in the Sobek, of roughly one year, he was known as the Pale Prophet, predicting an imminent return of Koh-El, whom he claimed to be the chief emissary of his return. He was able to consolidate power within the Sobek by help of the Ozuni house. From this position of internal power, Rashkarr was able to eliminate leadership from rival houses, put down bids to kill him, and unify the entire Sobek under one house. He was known to have Sun-Touched Warriors, who were some type of summoned demon that could assume humanoid guise, and lead groups of soldiers into battle. When he led a military conquest of the Sobek, the entire Rinehart house was destroyed, and the other houses capitulated and fell underneath his iron boot.

Rashkarr was known to use contingency magic and had the ability to gate limited amounts of plasma into combat situations.

Rashkarr was also a magical prodigy, by humanoid terms, creating several inventions that survived his demise, the most important of which were dimensional anchors that could prevent teleportation or similar magic from functioning and barred extra-dimensional movement or travel across thresholds so warded.

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