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Far West is the most western of all Freeholds. It is also one of the largest. It measures roughly 8 city blocks square. It is west of the Sobek River, between Navah and the Orcish Steppe, joust outside the hills terrain. A day's ride outside of of Far West are a series of largely unexplored cave complexes that are the den of various monsters, bandits, and wildlife.


Well known for being a center of magical learning, alchemy, and potion brewing, this Freehold is surprisingly large, well fortified, and heavily defended. Reclusive by nature, they tend to be self sufficient, and charge a premium for their goods and services, but are seen as the uncompromising best at what they do. Currently under “new management”, this freehold discovered religion by the pretext of one Vega, a high priest of an unknown deity, though thought to be a harsh master. Observers speculate that the town is under some curse or geass preventing more information from getting out. Coupled with their reclusive ways and hardy defense, no one knows the true story of what's going on.

The freehold is run by Durnik, a former human barbarian adventurer, turned administrator.

The Freehold possesses a magical school that can teach people customized magic application to real world problems, as well as a world-renowned potion academy. Although their prices are high, prospective students are met at the Sandlot, outside of the city proper, to gauge their interest, ability, and motivation to see their studies through to the end. Only those deemed worthy of the time and investment are allowed full-time status as a student. Once given full-time status, students are allowed to move into town, at which point their studies can begin in earnest.

Notable NPCs

  • Becka Modine - proprietor of The Sandlot, the sole inn and tavern in the town. An arcane trickster by study, a sage in practice, she is shrewd om understanding disparate details and has an uncanny ability to synthesize new data. She has been known to utter that unlocking an ancient mystery is worth the price of a civilization. She has discovered some ancient texts (on metal plates) during an adventure and became so enamored with them and unlocking their secrets that she gave up the adventuring life and settled down to another profession to allow her to devote more time to research.
  • Elias Sand - Orcish Nomad who has no clan (hence last name of Sand), given up for dead or adoption by his parents, or otherwise abandoned, he grew up as an orphan within Far West. Current proprieter of Raul's Emporium. A noted brewer and fragrance maker. He has developed a line of successful perfumes, and given time can recreate most odors if ever needed. Former lover of Raul.
  • Raul - deceased owner of Raul's Emporium. One of the original founding members of Far West, Raul was an alchemical genius and brewmaster of the town, specializing in polymorph potions. Raul was known to shape change on a regular basis. One time while in the guise of a woman, he and Elias Sand met and fell in love. After Raul confessed she was a he and changed back, Elias decided to commit to the relationship regardless. He was killed while resisting/disobeying Far West's high priest. The priest elected to keep the name of the Emporium in place as a reminder to everyone else in town the price of disobedience.
  • Swift Trail Firebrand (Tailor) - the lone Tabaxi at Far West, Swift Trail was a former scout in the Sobek Military. During his lifetime he picked up sewing with a passion, explored its depths and became a master guild artisan tailor, before walking away to do something new. He earned the nickname “Tailor” as a result. He worked under Corvan Danavis within the Sobek military. After deciding to not re-up, he wandered for a while before getting an offer from Corvan to settle down in Far West, at which he has risen to the rank of lieutenant in the town guard, spending much of his time away tracking down criminals and other deadbeats who do not honor their obligations, to bring them back to Far West to face justice. He is mostly grey pelt, with purple streaks, ending in a firecracker like explosion of color at the end of his tail. He is known to believe in absolutes, with little to no grey zones involved.
  • Corvan Danavis - human fighter, battlemaster. Former general in the Sobek military, he was outed over two decades ago during the change of administrations for being at odds with the political environment of the day. A capable leader, well respected by his men. He was known to win conflicts with poorer position, less materiel, and fewer troops. Often seen by many as a tactical genius, he moved to Far West with his daughter, Aliviana, and ward Kip to start a new life. He is one of the leading members of Far West and carries much weight in councils.
  • Vega - The high priest of Far West. Little is known about him other than that he leads services at The Chapel of Contemplation, and that the town provides young women to attend to him as priestesses under his care and tutelage.
  • Kovit - although not a member of Far West, he does live in the caves in the hills about a day's ride outside of the Freehold. He is a transformed humanoid of unknown origin, though he did appear some flavor of elven, most likely Sadiki. He is known to consort with spiders and other related folks in a mushroom cave. One of his spiders was a Fiend Spider, thought to be extinct as a result of The Purge, which killed the Twilight Court. These spiders were known to be favored pets of Let.


  • Old Magic - little is truly known about old magic, though it is thought to infuse the town. Old Magic does not function as normal magic and is thought to be the magic used by the gods themselves. This magic was outlawed for mortal and immortal use by deities due to the fact that this magic could take on a life and sentience of its own. Normal detection means, reliable in all other circumstances cannot detect the presence of old magic, though it is something that persists well after its initial use is done.
  • The town is under the geass of a powerful entity.
  • A very large dragon has been seen in the area near the town.
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