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 Welcome to the DokuWiki version of The Gods Amongst Us campaign. This wiki chronicles the details of the campaign world set in the alternate earth of Ard Al-Mi'ad that contains dragons, fae, and the Ur-Kal-Dûhn.

In a scarred world, forces of uncaring divinity save and plague the earth in equal measure. A group of gods, known as the Ur-Kal-Dûhn (UKD) are on the earth, living a life of their own choosing, that sometimes helps and sometimes hinders the creatures that call it home. There is no doubt that the UKD exist. Everyone sees them sooner or later, and they are to be respected and feared, for a single one could wipe out an entire civilization without much effort. The gods, on occasion, have had communion with man, and the sheer magnitude of the “conversation” leaves the vast majority of mankind dead, horribly disfigured, insane, or some combination of the three. However, several of these “conversations” have led to remarkable and significant advances in human civilization, from metallurgy, to magic, to crop rotation

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