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Seeker, or to give her her full name, “Seeker of Unknown Truths”, is a Tabaxi rogue and warlock. She began her career as a rogue in the service of a great house. Even among Tabaxi she is swift and sure-footed; she has ever taken joy in finding her way to tall places and then bounding off again.

She is also possessed of a great curiosity, a thirst to know things that others do not, hence her adult name. She doesn't seek to apply these knowings (though she surprisingly has a head for tactics), but merely hoards them like shiny objects. She also adores shiny objects, and doesn't have much respect for the personal property of others.

She also adores her patron, Sheer Gur Khan, a mighty rakshasa on par with the fey queens and goblin kings. Her lord has given her the gift of controlled lycanthropy, and so when the need arises she is capable of assuming bestial forms, terrifying and furious. She sojourns the realms with her companions, seeking to stave off threats to the people of the Sobek, and to achieve the will of Sheer Gur Khan, that she may continue to rise in his favor.

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